Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Experiences and work....

Hello, Here's a little bit of what I've done.

If you're looking for someone to present, host, compare voice over, promote or organize and event,from youth work to corporate hospitality am right here based in Cardiff.

Here's a little about me.

Feel free to ask any questions or get in touch. I'd be more than happy to help. cas.germain@hotmail.com

You can also listen to some of the shows here:-


Casimir Germain


Sociology Modules: Human Rights, Feminist Theories, Consumer Culture, Sexuality and Gender. Media Modules: Journalism and Radio.
Thesis 1: Representation of gender in hip-hop youth culture. Reading gender in US hip-hop and music video.

A LEVEL: Media, Drama, English

GCSE: 11 Including Religious Studies, English, German and Drama.


RED DRAGON FM, CARDIFF (Sept 09 – Present)
Presenter Training, Production and Audio Engineering, Event Coordinator, Marketing and Promotions.

RADIO CARDIFF (July 09 – Sept 09)
Presenting 7-9am Weekdays, Opening Station, Organising Competitions and Guests, Scripting and Producing, Interviewing, Music and Audio Research.

MAGIC FM, LONDON (June 09 – July 09)
Assisting Neil Fox, Live On Air Communications and Requests, Weather Report Scripting.

KISS 100 LONDON (May 09 – June 09)
Commercial Radio Traineeship, Production Assistant for Wireless Music Festival, Station Identity and Branding, DJ Agent Administration.

PROMOTIONS, UK WIDE (2005 to Present)
Promotions: Team Leader, Supervisor, Brand Ambassador, Model, Hostess
Promoting many top brands from Canon to Google.
Working Abroad: 2 Months in Greece for Imperial Tobacco.

COSMETICS, LONDON (2006-Present)

Working for various cosmetic houses including Dior, Benefit, Illamasqua and Urban Decay.
Advising women on key looks, from skin tone to current fashion.
Fashion shows and wedding make up.


· Refuge Support Worker.
· Working closely and personably with women facing domestic abuse.
· Assisting Councillors on Refuge Duties.

· Hosting a 1000 guest capacity fashion event for local Welsh charities.
· Presenting Auctions and Event Organising.

Miss University London 2009 Finalist representing Goldsmiths University.
U4U make up artist- An Initiative For Young Women Promoting Empowerment.
The Youngest Member Of The Downing Street Project, an NGO for women in politics.
Travelling and learning about new cultures, including India, Thailand, Egypt and Europe.
Very Motivated and Determined Following Nido Qubein’s “When A Goal Matters Enough To A Person, That Person Will Find A Way To Accomplish What At First Seemed Impossible.”
Regular blogger: www.casgermain.blogspot.com

Monday, 24 August 2009

Cas Presents.....


It's been a while hasn't it, how are you?

But fear not i've not disappeared from the face of the earth,no no....

I'm currently the Breakfast show presenter at Radio Cardiff 98.7fm. Weekdays 7-9 am.

where you can listen online http://www.radiocardiff.org.uk/ and join our facebook group "Radio Cardiff

Breakfast 98.7fm".

It's so much fun and there's always lots to do. I never thought finishing uni at 22 i'd get the
breakfast gig, but the early mornings are doing me well. Nick my co - presenter and I have a giggle every morning, telling jokes and bantering with each other. We've been refered to as a married couple because we bicker liek cat and dog, but we do love each other really. It's all good fun and games.

Last Thursday 20th August was our event, "Mixicology Madness" in association with Smirnoff Vodka and Schweppes Russchian, which was for listeners to create a "Cardiff Cocktail", which played on the idea that Cuba has the Mojita, New York has the Cosmo. It's now Cardiff's turn to shine. It was held at the Mocka Bar, where Miss Wales 2009 Lucy Whitehouse and Ex Welsh Nathan Blake made their cocktails.

Cara Cymru was Miss Wales' which means "Love Wales"- which contained- Vodka, Schweppes Russchian, Blueberries and lemonade. Nathan Blake's was called "The Ayatollah" which means celebration.

The first runner up was Chris Hughes' with "The Welsh Dragon" which contained tabasco sauce. The second runner up was Aron Silva's The Prince of Persia- which contained ginger beer and vodka, which had a certain kick to it. The winning cocktail was Joseph Mclaggon's- DIVERSITY!! Which contained vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and rum.

The night was amazing with listeners and celebs from Wales' very own Amanda Prothero Thomas, Miss Wales 2009 Lucy Whitehouse to Nathan Blake, and us presenters from Radio Cardiff.

Thanks to all who entered and came to the event and making it a great success!!!


Sunday, 5 April 2009

Here Come The Girls.....www.u4uk.co.uk is where its at.

Ever wondered growing up,”whats out there for me?” or “how can I be involved in something cool?”
Well, for our young women today, there is a new youth organization called U4U. What’s U4U I hear you ask?

U4U a membership club for young ladies founded by Ila Panik, a former professional dancer and serial entrepreneur to name but a few professions of her, with a “strong passion to create a better world.” Her amazing team of wonderful ladies whom come from a wide variety of professions are also part of the U4U team.

U4U caters to young ladies, aka our future leaders ages 11-18, which is based on 4 pillars: fitness, kindness, culture and environment. Each pillar focusing on important issues to improve the lifestyle of the young ladies, making them happy, healthy and confident.
U4U also challenges issues such as obesity, anorexia, depression, self harm, cultural intolerance and global warming.
As part of the launch of U4U, thereis an amazing event taking place, called “GIRLATION”.

The exclusive party takes place on
Sunday 17th May 2009, 12pm- 4pm at Baden Powell House 65-67 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London, SW75JS.
Where MTV presenters Carole Machin and Kate Edmondson will be hosting the event, as well as Models 1 (Europes top modelling agency) on the look out for the future Kate Moss!

As well as a host of other fun activities, such as fashion shows, free chocolates from Rococo Chocolate, Pineapple Dance, Lush, Pants to poverty, along with a host of experts in diet, make up, fashion, free pampering the list goes on.
What’s great about the event, is that for girls of different ages it caters to a specialist field which will benefit them.

Girls aged 11-15 will get advice on beauty, exams, friendship, environment and fashion. Where as girls aged 16-18 will get all of those plus advice on career, university/ CVs and any other successful tips.
Also the Girlation Stories & Poems writing competition has been released!
As well as the Girlation Art exhibition is accepting entrants! The theme is ‘Pink’.
This is one event you don’t want to miss!

So if your reading this and your not 11-18 but know someone who is, then bring them and yourselves along, it’s a great day out, with free goodies, and a chance to learn something new and be apart of something special.

To catch the early bird special for tickets and for more information visit www.U4UK.co.uk

This is one event that you don’t want to miss.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Love On A Mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day, Muttertag, La Festa della Mamma, Mothering Sunday, Fête des Mères, Día de las Madres......

For many of us,today Sunday 22nd March, we will be giving cards, flowers, chocolates and doing little kind gestures, righly so for our wonderful mothers.
But, does anyone know why we do these great things on Mothers Day?

Mothers Day since 17th Century of England and in the modern day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, where Christians fast, however on Mothering Sunday, familes had a mid-lentern feast, in honour of motherhood.

Motherhood has always been celebrated throughout history. From early prehistoric times, the mother known as Goddess was worshipped as the creator of life. In Egypt, the Queen of Heaven,Isis, ruled all matters concerning mothering. In Ancient Rome Hera and in ancient Greece Rhea were known as Mother Goddess.

Like today and historically, most mothering festivals took place in springtime to celebrate the rebirth of the land as its the most fertile time of the year.

Which leads to also to today, whereby we honour our very own goddesses our mothers.

So, like in history, weather your close to your mum, live far away, don't often tell your mum how great you think she is, make it your daily aim, to tell your mum you love her, or how much she means to you. Weather you think she knows it or not, tell her! As mums are great and often go underestimated, so Mum this is for you...I love you so much as you truly are my hero and are always here for me. For these reasons and many more I love you.

Happy Mothers Day! xxxx

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A University Charity Event or A reason to cause chaos?

On Tuesday 10th March, I had the chance to compete on behalf of my university at the Miss University London 2009 pageant, held at Crystal Night Club.

Being selected two weeks prior to the event, with no experience on the catwalk, I have to say, despite not winning, the experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

The press were everywhere, from OK taking snaps to the BBC filming a documentary, which was particularly cool, especially when you’re in a stunning ball gown.

Enough of the “girlyness” aspect lets get down to the “nitty gritty”. Outside the club protesters were rife. One of which attached a lock through the club door handles, which resulted in the fire brigade being called. This only wasted time and public money on an event that was not causing any life threatening emergency.

Many of the slogans included “University is for education not for your ejaculation.” The chants implied that the whole event is a misogynist’s dream as opposed to educated young women doing a fashion show for Cancer Research.

In my opinion as a contestant, it was a bit of fun, and I do regard myself as a feminist. I do not feel subservient to a man. However I feel if it was a Mr University contest I would simply feel it was a competition not a display of sexist behaviour. People have free choice, and weather they choose to compete in a pageant or protest it is up to them.

What I don’t agree with is that the protesters broke out on stage as the winner was being announced to cause complete disruption. What I have to ask is, would this have happened if it were men competing on stage?

Overall the evening was fun filled and a good opportunity to improve on your public speaking. We all had a great time raising money for Cancer research and had a chance to wear beautiful ball gowns in doing so.

Well done Susheel, Miss Kings Winner, you are a beauty, in and out! xx

Monday, 9 March 2009

Snap Happy..A Day In The Life Of…..

I’ve never been in a studio before for my photos to be taken professionally, but I have to say it was a lot of fun and I had a sense of how the celebs live! Having a lovely, talented lady do your hair and make up to make you look fabulous darling was a great experience, even for a few hours.

I was introduced to Yusra a make up artist, whose husband Ray Mckie is a photographer, they work in partnership and have their own company making portfolios for the bargain price of £150, for half a days work, including hair, make up studio time and different looks. Being a complete novice, I had no idea with direction on which poses to do or how to look, act, but I can honestly say I felt so comfortable with the two of them, as Yusra directed me all of the way, the whole day, as well as made me lots of peppermint tea, served with Foxes biscuits!
First of all I had a natural look, then went to a cutesy look with my green dress, and finally had a gym look, to show my athletic side.

It was so interesting to see how the make up looked too, as it was so thick and heavy, and very over exaggerated, yet in photos it looks like I have hardly anything on. Which I found funny as I’d never put that much on in real life.
As for Yusra, (who is also a singer :D) she was so precise with the make up and actually listened to what I wanted which I find is a rarity having been to several make up artists for several make overs in the past, and they do my make up in what they want not what you want.

Being all dolled up and good to go, Ray took over, with Yusra’s direction, they both got snapping. It takes a while to get the right pose, as when I see models in the magazines it looks like they are naturally perfect posers, however having been to hold a certain position all day and smile, its not easy, so I found I have a new found respect for models.

The whole day was so much fun and I can truly say I’d recommend it for my friends, or anyone wanting to feel like a star for the day and to have some hot pics of you to show for it.

I’ve literally and truly seen myself in a different light…...

For more information check out

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Beauty Of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

In a not so nutshell, the story is told when the elderly Daisy (Cate Blanchett) is on her deathbed with her daughter Caroline (Julia Ormond) in a New Orleans hospital as Hurricane Katrina is about to make her mark in August 2005.

Daisy tells the story of a blind clockmaker named Gateau (Elias Koteas), who was commissioned to create a clock to hang in the New Orleans train station. After receiving news of his son's death in World War I, he continued work on his clock, but intentionally designed it to run backward, in the hope that it would bring back those who died in the war. After her cryptic story, Daisy asks Caroline to read aloud from a diary containing photographs and postcards written by Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt). Caroline begins to read as the story transitions to Benjamin's narration.

On November 11, 1918, just as the people of New Orleans are celebrating the end of World War I, a baby boy is born with the appearance and physical maladies of an elderly man. The mother of the baby dies shortly after giving birth, and the father, Thomas Button, takes the baby and abandons him on the porch of a nursing home. Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) and Tizzy (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), a couple who work at the nursing home, find the baby. Queenie, who is unable to conceive, decides to take the baby in as her own, against Tizzy's wishes. She names the baby Benjamin.

As you watch Benjamin getting younger, and everyone around him getting older, it’s amazing to see how one would live if they were older and had a second chance. His character is so sweet you instantly warm to his lightness.

Despite Pitt’s and Blanchett’s incredible acting ability, their characters were incredibly in love at one point of the film, but couldn’t be together as she was getting older and him younger.
It really hits home how important it is to make the most of your life, be it love lots, laugh lots and do whatever it is that makes you truly happy as when quoted in the film “nothing lasts forever”. This is not me having a sentimental moment, but for you to either see the film as I’m not saying its life changing but makes you think. Especially following the characters Benjamin meets along the way and how he describes each and every one and the affect they’ve had on him. Be it the Irish sailor who sees himself as an artist or the woman who took Benjamin under her wing he sees as his mother.

It’s been nominated for 13 Academy Awards and 11 British Academy of Film and Television Awards including best director and best film.

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about the film as I really would love everyone to see it, as it truly is a worth while watch and will make you feel a whole lot more appreciative of life, if not for that but Pitt and Blanchett are both amazing actors as well as beautiful to watch.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

I'm Just Not That Convinced About He's Just Not That Into You.

The Plot,
The film is based on the adaption of the best selling self help book written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

It’s based on the love lives of several characters. The main character is Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), a young woman trying to understand the mixed signals she receives from the men she’s dating. She seeks guidance on the dating world according to men, from the bar owner (Justin Long) who is a friend of a previous guy she was dating who “was not that into her”.
Gigi’s co-worker Janine (Jennifer Connelly) is having problems of her own with her husband Ben (Bradley Cooper) when he is acquainted with an attractive woman, who’s trying to make it as a singer Anna (Scarlett Johansson). Gigi’s other co-worker Beth (Jennifer Aniston) has a loving and successful relationship with Neil (Ben Affleck) but there is only one problem with the relationship and that is Neil has no interest in getting married.
Finally there’s Mary (Drew Barrymore) who’s a warm sweet lady trying to find love online but has no luck.

Before going to see the film, I had no expectations. However seeing Gigi’s desperate attempt to track the men down seemed almost cringe worthy. It portrayed her as a desperate maniac wanting love, as opposed to a young woman wanting a relationship. Weather this was a real life analogy of how young women are, or was she characterised in order to make watching the film more worth while I don’t know, but watching it as a 22 year old young lady, I learnt that no wonder a guy would not be “that into me” if I was calling and calling and calling him. However as the film goes on and she doesn’t seem to understand the concept of rejection, she does become quite endearing and you can’t help but want her to find someone, even if he does come around in the end after being an ignorant idiot. But isn’t this the case of all men in life? They realise something when it’s too late, when it comes to matters of the heart.

The sub roles of her colleagues and advisors are interesting, as the situation between Beth and Neil may imply that one doesn’t need marriage in order to be a successful couple, as when reflecting on Janine and Ben’s relationship, marriage doesn’t mean anything if you are not faithful. This was quite irritating as it may imply that all married men cheat, and all men who are not married work better. So one has to question, what is the point in marriage?

I won’t give the whole film away, but go in with an open mind with Gigi’s situation as I felt it implied the desperation of women wanting a man and going to great lengths to do so, and only in the end the men realize that the women are worth fighting for.
Is this a true situation of real life that men realise when it’s too late, or just for our entertainment?
I will leave that for you to decide……………….

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Maybelline has A Colossal of A Mascara

The famous tagline of..."Maybe She's Born With It?Maybe It's Maybelline?" is a poiniant phrase when selling it's products.

But the new Colossal Mascara could arguably be said that the answer is Maybelline.

The new Colossal Mascara does exactly what it says on the tin.

It promises to lengthen your lashes up to 7 time their normal length, with its collegen boosted formula.

With its fine brissels it doesn't clump the lashes, and increases volume with one stroke. What I love about it is for one it comes in a bright yellow tube, but aesthetics aside, its small and easy to hold wand, makes it simple to apply.

Also you can add to it and it won't clump your lashes, which is great for topping up after work before a night out.

I wore it on a night out, and applied it with three strokes and it really did add length to my lashes, so much so my friends thought they were false. What was great was that I didn't need to apply more mascara on the lashes, it was literally from taking the wand from the tube and coating three times on the lashes. Therefore it saves money, as your not using alot of product.

So to conclude, the pros on the new MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL mascara, are

  • No clumps

  • 7 times volumising the lashes with Collegen extract.

  • Can apply more than once on the lashes

  • Doesnt require double dipping as the wand is enough

  • Easy to take off

  • Stays on all day and night

  • Less than £10 rrp £6.84 in Boots.

  • Comes in classic Black only. (doesn't come in waterproof)

Having worked as a make up artist for a year, ive tired and tested many mascaras from Channel to Natural Collection but Maybelline's Colossal is one I can truly say works.

Batiste's Dry Shampoo is A Night and Day Saver.

Ever been in a major rush after a busy day and find you don't have time to wash your hair? Then, "Batiste's dry shampoo" is the answer.

Sold at Boots for £2.05 this literally is a lifesave for your night out,or day ahead in a tin.

You literally spary it on the root of your hair, about 30cm apart to be exact after you've styled your hair or before styling, don't forget to rub it in if it turns your hair white. Don't be alarmed it is perfectly fine and no one will see it, unless you leave it on and you want them to.

Many a time I've had greasy hair between washes, or after a gym session, but find Batiste's Dry Shampoo a life saver when it comes to looking fresh on the go.

It comes in many different scents- Batiste's Dry Shampoo Blush- which is a pink tin, or Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical which comes in a yellow tin,both slightly scented which I recommend. Or the original dry shampoo which comes in a green tin. All sold at the same price in Boots.

I've heard talcum power is meant to be good for your hair if its greasy. Having tried and tested this, not only would it not rub in and left my hair white. It was also messy and made my dressing table look as if it was covered in dandruff.

Batiste's Dry Shampoo is the answer, non messy, smells good and does what it says on the tin."revitalises and refreshes hair between washes."

Cheryl Cole's Got The V Factor!

Cheryl Cole has got the V factor!Fact!This is no type error, this is Vogue. The 24 year old, Girls Aloud star and X factor judge, has claimed the front cover of the recent Vogue magazine.
Vogue is said to be “the world’s most influential fashion magazine.” By book critic Caroline Weber The New York Times in December 2006. Vogue is a high fashion and high society magazine, which features art, culture, fashion and politics.

Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure as a bi monthly magazine. However it was taken over in 1909 by Conde Naste when Turnure sadly passed away. Vogue's now Editor In Chief is the famous Anna Wintour. She is known for her fabulous clothes and wearing sunglasses in doors. The film “The Devil Wears Prada” by Lauren Weisberger was based on Anna Wintour and the running of her busy fashionista life. Lauren was Anna Wintour’s assistant and was nominated for an academy award in 2006.
Vogue has featured models from Twiggy to Erin O’Conner to Agyness Deyn, and has made them big in the fashion world. China, Italy, Australia and Brazil are to name but a few out o the 19 countries where Vogue is published.

The magazine now features Britain’s very own Cheryl Cole on the front cover.
The 24 year old Geordie lass whose career started on ITV’s Pop Stars The Rivals. Who would’ve though it?
Who says reality television contestants are short lived?
Mrs Cheryl Cole proves that you don't have to be a supermodel to be on the cover of one, if not the world's most popular magazine and brings hope to us aspiring models alike.
She has defeated the elitist notion of the magazine, whom it was once published for.
I’m sure for Mrs Cole the sky is the limit, and who knows what she will be next….maybe Dame Cheryl Cole?

Friday, 30 January 2009

Too Bad for Gok Wan "Too Fat,Too Young"

“Too Fat Too Young” was aired on Tuesday, January 27 at 9pm on Channel 4. It was about Britain’s ultimate style guru Gok Wan’s not so secret past.
Gok Wan was an obese teen, and retraced his steps of his unhappy youth, growing up in Leicester being “Chinese and gay.” He quotes looking back at pictures of himself “f**k me, I was massive!” As if it was a bad thing, yet isn’t he about empowering people to feel good in their own skin no matter what their size?

Watching the programme I felt truly bad for the style guru, watching him re trace his steps from sadness to glamorous. However I find the concept some what hypocritical. He says in the documentary that he does what he does as he felt bad about himself as a child, being an over weight teen, and therefore wants to make others feel better about themselves. All intents and purposes aside, he didn’t feel happy being “fat”, so what makes him think that by making women up who consider themselves to be “fat or ugly” that they too will be truly and deeply happy, and not happier in themselves. Surely he would be more accomplished if he was a “fat” style guru, who felt he looked good naked, without feeling the pressure of the media in our modern superficial society, promoting that people can be “bigger and better”. However, it just goes to show that Gok, is happier being thinner than his former larger self, but is constantly fighting the battle with food and mental strength not to go back to where he formerly was.

But as long as he’s promoting positive change to his audience, then no harm done.

Nancy Dell'Olio on Loose Women

On Friday 30th January, on ITV’s Loose Women Show Nancy was asked by presenter Andrea McLean “ you could tone it down and wear more demure suits.” Nancy replied in true self confident style “why?” and I couldn’t agree more.
Why is it that despite Nancy being successful and all of the above should she conform to being more “demure” in order to please every one else, is she not demure? She is a success and self made business women in her own right.

Why is it that the press focus on her looks and her intellect, business smarts, charity work come second best?
I think its because she proves that you truly can have it “all” at no matter how old you are. Also that you don’t need a man to define you or to make you happy, as happiness comes from yourself and doing what makes you happy.
Nancy Dell'Olio, in my opinion,is a strong, smart, independent woman who happens to be absolutely beautiful carrying charisma class and a timeless sophistication, but is best know in the press for being the former girl friend of England's former football teams manager, Sven Goran Erikkson. She is always recognised for her "flamboyant" dress sence rather than her smarts.

She is the oldest of four, a former property lawyer, business woman and chairty worker,including "truce international" (see http://www.truce.net)/ a charity set up by Nancy and her former England Manager Parnter, Sven Goran Eriksson, aimed to promo te peace " To build a national strategy for youth around the day and empower young people to address the problems of anti-social behaviour and the culture of violence through the love of the beautiful game" (Truce Website)
Nancy also has a new night wear range, called "ND Nightwear"

In an interview in The Telegraph in December 2008, Nancy was asked about why she creaqted her new lingerie range, and answered. "I thought there was a gap in the market, for an exclusive, sophisticated yet sexy nightwear with 1940s glamour. I really believe in the range, and in order to be successful you have to be convinced there's a reason to create a brand" She also plans to broaden her range of her brand by saying "I eventually plan to expand to perfume and a men's range. " Here shows that despite many of her successes she clearly is a driven woman and believes in her self endorse more products to her brand.

Yet despite all of this, her first and formost recognition in the press is her being posed as "flamboyant."
She is a true inspiration to us all showing not to care what the press or those on Loose Women have to say, as she's doing what she loves and is not afriad to show it. You go girl! And in her opinion from her auto-biography "the best is yet to come."
To see the interview with Nancy Dell'Ollio visit ITV's Website

Friday, 23 January 2009

Dove- Campaign or Cost for "Real Beauty"?

Dove, the women's cosmetic brand have been campaigning for "real beauty" for some time now.

They have various images, of "real" women with curves, spots, freckles, hips, breast, big bums, small bums and every other little paranoia us women face or should I say put upon ourselves.
Their advertising campaigns which feature "real women" and their insecurities aims to target those young and older who struggle with beauty complexes.


Some may argue that this is a very clever strategy, in order for us the consumer whom many of us are very much "real" women will buy the Dove product in order to feel that by purchasing the product we feel better about ourselves.
However, I find this highly patronising, as in the current consumer market we live in today, the operative word is "consumer", according to the Oxford dictionary is "• noun a person who buys a product or service for personal use." Displays clearly how its strategies that the media market uses for us to purchase their products rather than actual belief, that by using Doves fake tan, we will feel better and achieve a step towards feeling "real" and "beautiful" about ourselves, as opposed to using Fake Bakes fake tan.

Hang on, there seems to be a loop hole, if Doves campaign is for "real beauty", why on earth are they encouraging gradual tanners? Surely its about being comfortable in ones own skin that's the important message, not buying into the idea Dove sells about real beauty. Surly if it's about real beauty they shouldn't be selling products at all and should just be campaigning for not using products. OK that's a bit extreme, but not manufacturing anti aging creams, and gradual tanners, but just regular soaps? That's the question on my mind.

They have various quiz's young girls form the ages of 11-14 can take about self esteem on the Dove website, but aren't young women fighting the media images and ideals day in day out anyways. Don't get me wrong this is not a criticism of what Dove are doing as its truly brilliant that they encourage young women to feel good about themselves, but what my question is why does it have to physically cost us to feel good, or gain great self esteem? Why can't beauty come within, and without a price tag? My answer is because money has to be made from brands, and although what Dove is doing works, it shouldn't have to cost.

Herve Leger

Seeing the bright neon pink bandage dress, displayed on its own table in the middle of Flannels designer store in Cardiff, I had to try it on; just to see how it felt to try on a £1,300 dress.

You can see how cleverly done the bandage dress is made, each woven piece of fabric of the dress bound layer after layer from the bottom to the top of the dress. It’s very heavy despite how short the dress is due to the amount of bandage wrapped around you. Once the dress is on it feels as if the dress has personally been made for you. It hugs your hips and is bound perfectly around your buttocks, making your whole body look beautiful. If I had £1,300 it would not be a question as to weather the dress would still be on the shelf. However for now it will only be a dream away, but at least it will be a beautiful one.

Many women are forking out for the original Herve Leger Body con bandage dress despite the recent credit crunch. It is interesting to ask, are women doing this because of what the dress promises, or for whom they see wearing the dresses in the magazines?

Girls Aloud, Rachel Bilson, Mariah Carey, to name but a few. We are not talking celebrities, but stars that wear and influence us to wear the ultimate figure hugging revived body con bandage dress. The body con bandage dress is not one for the faint hearted, putting women’s curves in the right places, without having to diet or hit the gym. The cost of the body con bandage dress is £1,300. Would you pay this to feel like a celebrity? Like most dresses women see on magazines, you can usually get a replica from ASOS.com or Oli.com for a 5th of the original price. But this dress is not made from your average 100% cotton or silk like many Gucci dresses, or ones on ASOS.com for that matter.

Herve Leger, a French designer is the original creator of the bandage dress. It all began when he was walking through a factory and saw some old bands of fabric that were considered garbage. He started to ‘wrap’ the pieces around each other and created a figure hugging dress. The design “mummifies” the body to give the perfect look.

Cindy Crawford was one of the first celebrities to wear the bandage dress. It was a huge hit during the 1980s and 90s.

It has now been revived and designed by Christopher Kane, including a serious of neon colours. Max Azria bought the name in 1999 and began to expand the range in 2006. The dress debuted in the Herve Leger collection by Max Azria in autumn 2008.

What is so special about the dress is the way it is made. It promises to give you the perfect figure without dieting, the gym or magic knickers. It literally is the miracle version of the Wonder bra. The dress is made of 90% rayon, 9% nylon and 1% spandex. What is different to these materials in comparison to the materials other dresses are made of are that rayon is breathable, comfortable and soft to the skin, ensuring you can feel at ease in the dress despite it looking figure hugging. A little nylon, which is a synthetic fabric that is strong and lightweight, and finally 1% spandex which can be stretched repeatedly, and will return almost exactly back to the original size and shape, it is also soft and smooth to give you the comfort as well as the figure you want.

Regardless of the credit crunch the dress is bought by many women around the country alike. Gemma Peterson, 28, Assistant Store Manager or designer shop Flannels in Cardiff comments that “despite the small supply in stock the bandage dress is very sought after. Celebrities have contributed to the influence of purchase of the dress.

The dress comes in a variety of colours, such as neon pink, to multi tonal dark greens to plain black.” Prices vary from £600-£1300. Gemma comments “what’s so special about the dress is the construction; it is made up of woven fabric bandaged around colour. The dress in unique as it comes in bold colours and is simply designed.”

One of the criteria of the dress Gemma adds is that it is for the fashion savvy and the confident individual.

What is great about the Herve Leger body con bandage dress are that the sizes do not come in your standard, 8, 10, 12. They come in extra small, small, medium and large. This is great for those who are size conscious when it comes to shopping, as it does not bound women into a number category, but of a size which is considerably generous thanks to the spandex material.

Hannah, 21, of Goldsmiths Collage, “The dress has made a huge comeback as it can make any woman feel amazing without surgery. Unlike most dresses women need to wear the magic knickers for dress to compliment their figure, where as with the dress you feel like you are wearing a pair of magic knickers in a different array of colours.” She thinks that the dress is even more popular amongst many young women as in many magazines the dress is worn by lots of celebrities of all ages and tastes. Hence making women want to indulge and buy the famous body con bandage dress as well as feel like a star with a star studded body in the famous Herve Leger body con bandage dress.

For those who can’t folk out on a Herve Leger bandage dress, but have a 5th of the £1,300 price tag, it is available to buy a close replica in lots of neon colours on ASOS.com costing a digestible £60. With the help of spandex magic knickers, there will be no need to go to the gym or faddy diets before a night out, so you can spend your extra money exercising your wallet and moves on the dance floor rather than your credit card.

If you want to feel like a celebrity for the evening, without having to diet and have a spare £1,300, then it would be highly recommended to wear the Herve Leger bandage dress, as you truly will look a million dollars.

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