Friday, 8 June 2012

Mission To Lars

Kate & Will Spicer film: Mission To Lars
Last night on 7th June, I had the pleasure of attending a documentary of a rare and insightful kind. This documentary is called “Mission to Lars” which was shown at The Lexi Cinema in Kensel Rise.

Kate Spicer, a journalist and her brother Will a film maker decided to make a documentary about their brother Tom, who has Fragile X syndrome “a type of autism with bells on” as Kate describes.

Since the age of 18 Tom has lived in a Care home in the country, whilst Kate and Tom went off to university.
The Mission to Lars is about a brother and a sister fulfilling their brother’s dream of touring America in the hope to meet Tom’s hero Lars Ulrich, the drummer of the heavy metal rock band Metallica! Rock on maaan!

During this lovely journey we see Kate’s determination to drive around America with no Sav nav! Whilst trying to keep calm under pressure in order to cater to Toms needs, although he always seems calm and relaxed during the film.

The film covered all things about Tom and as he has mild autism he needed routine, which proved to be a challenge to get Tom on the road to meet his hero.

I went to the second screening and met Kate, where she wished me luck for my own mission, which I hope to film about my younger brother, who was diagnosed with learning difficulties and mild autism at age 19, but has come out of school with crap grades and has lost confidence about his future.

From hearing Kate’s Q’n’A about spending the intense amount of time with her little brother, (not so little) it makes me think about how my relationship is with Jordan. He is the youngest of our family, and before his diagnosis we treated him as a member of the family, without looking at him as having a condition, which I feel is important for anyone who has a sibling with a learning difficulty.

 Also just because someone has a learning difficulty doesn’t mean they can’t and shouldn’t have goals which they are entitled too and are achievable, they just may need a little help from their siblings.

A job well done to Kate and Tom Spicer and Go Tom!! The star of the show! A warm and inspiring film, which proves that anything is possible no matter what! A film not to be missed!
For me, I hope to film Jordan with his funny and quirky ways!

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