Monday, 24 August 2009

Cas Presents.....


It's been a while hasn't it, how are you?

But fear not i've not disappeared from the face of the earth,no no....

I'm currently the Breakfast show presenter at Radio Cardiff 98.7fm. Weekdays 7-9 am.

where you can listen online and join our facebook group "Radio Cardiff

Breakfast 98.7fm".

It's so much fun and there's always lots to do. I never thought finishing uni at 22 i'd get the
breakfast gig, but the early mornings are doing me well. Nick my co - presenter and I have a giggle every morning, telling jokes and bantering with each other. We've been refered to as a married couple because we bicker liek cat and dog, but we do love each other really. It's all good fun and games.

Last Thursday 20th August was our event, "Mixicology Madness" in association with Smirnoff Vodka and Schweppes Russchian, which was for listeners to create a "Cardiff Cocktail", which played on the idea that Cuba has the Mojita, New York has the Cosmo. It's now Cardiff's turn to shine. It was held at the Mocka Bar, where Miss Wales 2009 Lucy Whitehouse and Ex Welsh Nathan Blake made their cocktails.

Cara Cymru was Miss Wales' which means "Love Wales"- which contained- Vodka, Schweppes Russchian, Blueberries and lemonade. Nathan Blake's was called "The Ayatollah" which means celebration.

The first runner up was Chris Hughes' with "The Welsh Dragon" which contained tabasco sauce. The second runner up was Aron Silva's The Prince of Persia- which contained ginger beer and vodka, which had a certain kick to it. The winning cocktail was Joseph Mclaggon's- DIVERSITY!! Which contained vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and rum.

The night was amazing with listeners and celebs from Wales' very own Amanda Prothero Thomas, Miss Wales 2009 Lucy Whitehouse to Nathan Blake, and us presenters from Radio Cardiff.

Thanks to all who entered and came to the event and making it a great success!!!


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