Sunday, 1 February 2009

Maybelline has A Colossal of A Mascara

The famous tagline of..."Maybe She's Born With It?Maybe It's Maybelline?" is a poiniant phrase when selling it's products.

But the new Colossal Mascara could arguably be said that the answer is Maybelline.

The new Colossal Mascara does exactly what it says on the tin.

It promises to lengthen your lashes up to 7 time their normal length, with its collegen boosted formula.

With its fine brissels it doesn't clump the lashes, and increases volume with one stroke. What I love about it is for one it comes in a bright yellow tube, but aesthetics aside, its small and easy to hold wand, makes it simple to apply.

Also you can add to it and it won't clump your lashes, which is great for topping up after work before a night out.

I wore it on a night out, and applied it with three strokes and it really did add length to my lashes, so much so my friends thought they were false. What was great was that I didn't need to apply more mascara on the lashes, it was literally from taking the wand from the tube and coating three times on the lashes. Therefore it saves money, as your not using alot of product.

So to conclude, the pros on the new MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL mascara, are

  • No clumps

  • 7 times volumising the lashes with Collegen extract.

  • Can apply more than once on the lashes

  • Doesnt require double dipping as the wand is enough

  • Easy to take off

  • Stays on all day and night

  • Less than £10 rrp £6.84 in Boots.

  • Comes in classic Black only. (doesn't come in waterproof)

Having worked as a make up artist for a year, ive tired and tested many mascaras from Channel to Natural Collection but Maybelline's Colossal is one I can truly say works.

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