Saturday, 19 June 2010

EmpowerMe Wales' Interview With Creative Boom!!

Interview: Cas Germain, founder of "EmpowerMe Wales"

It gives me great pleasure to say that EmpowerMe Wales got somepress attention!!

Please see the first interview below taken from Creative Boom- "Creative Boom Cardiff is a regional online magazine about the creative industries in Cardiff and the rest of Wales and covers everything from fashion, music, film and photography to art, design, animation and marketing."

EMPOWERME WALES is an initiative set up for young women in Wales. Its founder, 23 year old Cas Germain, takes time out to tell us about what inspired and motivated her to set up this organisation.

So how did it all start? Where did the idea for EmpowerMe Wales come from?

The idea started when I heard the statistic that "Wales has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Western Europe"

I've also worked with women in Cardiff Women's Aid and wanted to come up with something where preventatives could happen for example teen pregnancies or young women having knowledge about domestic abuse. That is not to say young women shouldn't get pregnant, nor is it saying all men are involved in domestic abuse, but the more "empowered" an individual is about their lives and feel good about themselves the more self and social awareness one has.
There fore by being a young women and working with lots of different people both in media and social, I thought of EmpowerMe Wales. A non profit, initiative for young women to grow and look out for themselves, by deciding and helping them do what they want as opposed to being dictated or told what to do, through positive mediums. For example a clothes swapping event- cheap clothes and helping the environment at the same time, as well as helping other people such as Cardiff Women's Aid in our Case.

Can you tell us about your own background and career?

I graduated in September 2009 with BA (hons) in Media and Sociology at Goldsmiths London. I wanted to pursue my 2 passions, the radio aspect being the media side, and people and empowerment of young people, being the sociology.
2 days after my finals, I started a marketing internship at Kiss 100 in London, and worked with Neil Fox at Magic as a producer for his breakfast show before being the breakfast show presenter at Radio Cardiff for the summer of 2009. I then did a short stint at Bro Radio before training at Red Dragon FM.
As well as having a passion for radio I wanted to work with people, especially women so I started volunteering at Cardiff Women's Aid, as well as organising events to raise awareness of Cardiff Women's Aid and help everyone out, by organising a clothes swap which is EmpowerMe's 1st event. I am now the Radio Coordinator for The Independent Foster Care Services Wales, empowering young people and adults and the whole community by running a radio station and letting them take control of the air waves.

What's been your proudest moment so far?

Mine personally so far is getting the job as Radio Coordinator at the Independent Foster Care Services Wales. Where I get to promote a good cause, and empower young people and the community around me in radio.

Anything exciting ongoing or in the pipeline?

Raising the profile for EmpowerMe Wales through 4 pillars. Education, Entertainment, Exercise and Environment. Would love to do talks in schools about Domestic Violence in teen relationships and empowerment through beauty.

Where do you hope EmpowerMe Wales will be in five years time?

Hopefully people will be familiar who we are and will be a functioning initiative where young women feel happy and confident in themselves and lives through ideas we have and they go onto pursue.

What advice would you give to aspiring young entrepreneurs out there?

Any idea or any thing you want to do or have, just go for it. Don't let anything or anyone hold you back and no matter how hard things get, personally, spiritually, mentally or emotionally, just don't give up. If you believe it anything is possible, its all up to you how you want your life to be.

Taken from Creative Boom- "Creative Boom Cardiff is a regional online magazine about the creative industries in Cardiff and the rest of Wales and covers everything from fashion, music, film and photography to art, design, animation and marketing."

Monday, 7 June 2010

Clothes Swapping Event In Cardiff

It's clothes swapping time!!
Empowerme Wales has organised its first clothes swap!!
Date for your diary: Saturday 3rd July
Penylan community centre
Penylan Cardiff,
(Next to Roath Rec, on the corner of Ninian Road)
Time: 12-4pm!!
Small price to pay: £3
For those of you who are not familiar with this craze, do let me explain....
It started on in the US where people would bring their unwanted items and swap with other people for a whole new wardrobe. Since making a storm in the US it's now in Cardiff.

How it works: you come along at 12pm with your bag of clean clothes, no underwear or bikinis for obvious reasons!! :P We then sort them out until 1pm. Then at 1pm you have full access for 3 whole hours to your new wardrobe!!
Enviromentally friendly, fun and most of all for a good cause! What more could you ask for!!
Proceeds go to Cardiff Women's Aid.
Looking forward to seeing you!!
Cas xxx
" Be the change that you want to see in the world" Ghandi

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Did the TV debate make young people take notice in Politics?

With the joint residency at Downing Street, the two Prime ministers Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg ruling the country what do young people really think about the current position of politics.

Young people are getting more and more involved and aware of politics. During the campaign days what were the concerns of young people within the UK:-

Jordan Germain from Wales, who attends Glan Hafren college, was impressed by the debate.
He said: “I’ve started taking an interest because of the TV debates. The government do a lot, but it’s a tough world out there. I don’t feel like young people are properly represented, I will definitely vote.”

Taken from The Independent,

Young people gave their views on the current policies of the new PMS
Lauren Morton, Surrey with Conservative views said:
“Recently I applied to university and our careers adviser at school said how hard it will be to get a place with all the cut-backs due to the recession. The Conservatives have said they'll create 10,000 more university places if they get in power.”

My thoughts were “I feel these elections are becoming very Americanised, but that seems to be effective in getting people aware of what’s happening. People are taking more notice.
“I think there’s a lack of representation for young people in Parliament and in particular for young women.”

For more information see:

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


EmpowerMeWales is an initiative set up for young women in Wales.
Set up to EMPOWER young WOMEN in WALES to ENRICH and ENLIGHTEN their lives, through EMPOWERMENT.
WALES has this HIGHEST rate of TEEN PREGNANCIES in Western EUROPE, and I feel as a 23 year old Welsh lady, that the more young people FEEL GOOD about them selves, the more OPTIONS they will feel they have and the more CONFIDENCE they will embrace in order to move FORWARD and make the appropriate CHOICES in their lives, for what's best for the individual.
“Be the change that you want to see in the world."Mohandas Gandhi

It's based on four principles:-

  1. Empowerment through Education:- Educate ones self, in terms of life, be it learning a new skill, learning to better oneself.

  2. Empowerment through Exercise:- Fitness, nutrition, ways to look and feel better.

  3. Empowerment through Entertainment: Becoming involved in an many events, be it:-backstage or on stage, writing, creating, talking, blogging, and photography, anything that empowers you through fun.
  4. Empowerment through the Environment: caring about the world we live in, ways one can save their CO2 footprint, ways of living in a greener world.

If you would like to get involved in your community :-

Find us on facebook: EmpowerMeWales

Or add us as a friend: EmpowerMeWales we'd love to hear from you.

Or contact for more information.

Enrich Enlighten Empower...........


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon Brown Supports Children in Labour

First things first, with the election fast approaching,this is not a criticism against The Labour party, nor is it a criticism against teenage single mothers.

All that's on my mind is; why is it that Wales holds the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in not only the whole of the United Kingdom, but throughout the whole of Western Europe?

In 2007 Tony Blair mantra was "EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION" I want to add the word "Sex, Sex ,Sex" in front of those 3 magic words of our former Prime Minister. Also, I don't think this is solely the case as I feel some young women,as statistic prove, often in low social economic status' feel that by having a baby is a way of not only getting an array of benefits. these benefits including Child Benefits, of 20.30 GBP per week as well as a maximum of 2,300 GBP on Child tax credit and Income support, meaning support whilst your a single mother, or on a specialist training corse. The specialist training corse isn't spoken about on the website or books, so what I would like to know is, what are the courses one has to do to get the support should they need to leave home, and not look at giving birth to a child and raising them alone, an option or a lifestyle choice.

This is not a slant against people who want to be mothers, or have the for the inevitable of a separation. It is merely an observation from living in Wales, and being a product of a teen pregnancy myself, who's parents are still together and happily married. But for those young women, who have plenty of time to have a child after they reach puberty, whom choose to have a baby to escape their lives, be it for emotional reasons or to get a house.

I mean, income support only offers young people help with housing and living cost if they're 16 to 17 and pregnant. Not 16 - 17 and want to better themselves by getting a job and wanting to actively move out and better themselves and the economy. What is this UK government doing? It's almost easy to say to young women, " have a child, its not worth working because we will look after you."

Again this is nothing against babies who are born with teen mums, but many young women look at being a single mother and living on benefits as a lifestyle choice.

Surely the government should lay out the harshness that not always do young people get a house straight away, nor is it always going to be in a good area. But then again some young women may see the outlook as : "At least I will have my own place."

The former Prime Minister quoted:-
"Teenage mothers are less likely to finish their education, less likely to find a good job, and more likely to end up both as single parents and bringing up their children in poverty. The children
themselves run a much greater risk of poor health……."
Tony Blair – Prime Minister
This was the forward written by Tony Blair, to the ‘Teenage Pregnancy
Report’ published by the Social Exclusion Unit in 1999.

The attempted solution on this should not only be on more sex education, but EMPOWERMENT! Make the girls in areas such as the Valleys in Wales, For example with Merythr Tydfil, "between the ages of 15-17 there are 73.5 conceptions in every 1000 girls" and the Rhondda Cynon Taf in 2008 there were "59.2 conceptions in every 1000 girls" the second highest in Wales.

My advice for the next PM:- Make these young women feel EMPOWERED.EMPOWERED.EMPOWERED!!

If they feel they have a self worth, yes they may look to having a baby, but give them other options and alternatives. More stress on activities, health, EXERCISE. EXERCISE.EXERCISE!

Just to note:- this is not a criticism on The Labour Party, nor is it a criticism on teen pregnancies, it just concerns me as a young welsh woman of 23, why some people feel that having a child is a way to escape life, be it for whatever reason or to have one just for benefits and freedom from a problem at home. However I don't know anyone's situation and am not in a position to judge, just wanted to make the government aware that they should make other options for those young women who think they can only get a house and escape home if they have a child, and see living alone and getting pregnant as a way out. A baby is for life, not just for benefits!

If you need any advice on sexual health, or any related issues in the UK or world wide, check out this website to find your local family planning clinic, for free confidential advice, no matter what your age.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Prepared to be UNLEASHED! Wales' Has Talent and Lots Of It!

Its April 24th 2010 and what a great day it is in South Wales, as it hosts 2 of Wales' youngest talent events organisers- Jess Evans and Jess Hopkins, both whom are under the age of 25, and organised a what can only be described at AWESOME fashion show in the Cardiff International Pool.

Designs included high street fashion but it was great that they were promoting up and coming talent, from Fashion Students from Newport University, as well as the Award winning boutique Gallery fashions. Along with dance acts GOSSIP and Billie from the Reflex Dance Group not to mention 16 year old Sosha singing Christina's Fighter, and Alicia singing Beyonce's Ave Maria. The whole show was impeccable and was an absolute joy for myself and Matt to present.

Looking forward to the next one, and well done to those who donated monies to TY HAFEN.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

International Welsh Womens Day

International Women's Day

Hello, Bonjour, Salaam, shwmae...

The reason for international 'hello's' is because Tuesday 16th March 2010 was the celebration of the Welsh Women's Day! Internationally it is celebrated on 8th March.

This year was the 99th year of the momentous occasion! It was held at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, and was filled was lots of passionate individuals from many organisations all for the cause of equality and well being of women.

Depending where you are in the world the focus is the celebration of respect, love and appreciation towards women.

It's incredible to think that it started back on March 19th in Germany, after women protested due to the harsh working conditions they were put under during the 20th century within the factories. It was celebrated every year but dwindled during the 1920s, however since the rise of feminism during the 1960s was revived and is still running to this day.

In many countries it is regarded as a national holiday, such as, Portugal where many women throw 'women only parties' in celebration of International Womens Day.

It shows that we have very much evolved from the early 20th centry where women had to fight for the vote and to work, but the real question poses, have we really?

As the 21st century woman faces many hardships but in a different context, some may not be fighting for the vote, but many are fighting for flexibilty, i.e within the workforce, when it comes to equal pay. Or when it comes to relationships of the modern woman according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence "One In Four Women will experience domestic violence in her life time." I find this shocking as women nowadays despite have more resources and access to education to empower themselves, these issues still exist, or have they always existed and today due to feminist movements of the past, are we more exposed to them, as they are frequently reported?

There were many talks from many organisations and workshops about women facing domestic abuse, and its great to see lots of women heloing other women empower themselves and to be in a place filled with passion and kick ass attitudes.

The media, and celebritys alike are jumping on board to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse:-

However sorry to leave it on a sad note but it is very much a note of reality , issues on domestic abuse and violence still exist within society today, but its great to see more people are started to take notice to combat them.

For more information on Domestic abuse see:-

If you're suffering in silence from a partner miss treating you, or not making you feel as happy as you know deep down inside you should be call Womens Aid, free and confidentially on:-

PHONE: 0808 2000 247


This woman has been kind, gentle,
and has much love,
All of this has been given with
the blessing of the Great Spirit above,
But Great Spirit gave her something
else and she didn't know it...
The Great Spirit gave her
the blessing of being a warrior woman
as now her light is lit!

This warrior woman has come
fully alive today,
She is no longer anyone's slave or prey,
She is taking back her life today,
And those who know who she truly is,
can stay.
No longer will she live the lives of others,
She will give back the blames and responsibilities of others
where it belongs,
For she also has the bear and wolf inside her,
which is now so very powerful
and uniquely strong.


Now it is time for me to travel on my new path,
As a warrior woman conquering all wrath.
If you ever see and want to meet me,
Please come, and I will also teach and share with you how to be free.

Snippets taken from

Poem copyright © Lady J-Ann
Lady J-Ann has dedicated this piece to Survivors of Domestic Violence.
Please take some time to visit her inspiring website, A Lady's View