Friday, 23 March 2012

Are you always late? Or ridiculous early?

Are you ever ridiculously late for things, like meeting friends, work or appointments, or do you fall into the category of being early and annoyed at your late friends?
Are you forever making exuses “I’m just on the train now, or I’m just leaving now” when you know full well you aren’t, you’re just drying your hair.

After listening to woman’s hour,it seems according to Louise Berry from Psychologies Magazine there are ONLY two types of neuroticism, being incredibly organized or absolutely chaotic and
trying to do ten things at once before leaving the house for that meeting, or appointment.
There are certain times in our lives that we just cannot afford to be late, like an exam, when catching a plane, working on live television or depending on how cute the guy you’re
dating is, will depend on our lateness scale, however sometimes it is “fashionable
to be late.”

Or there are other times in our
lives when we just cannot get off the phone to a friend who’s having a bad day.
Psychologies magazine says that supposedly those who are late are more

I fall in to the category of
being late! No matter how much time I prep before a journey, despite having
checked TFL and having a back packed I am ALWAYS late weather it’s by 5 minutes
of 30!

What’s funny is that if a friend
is late for me I become very impatient, but why is this?
I know there are crucial times in our lives where we just HAVE to be organised
for special occasions such as exams or transport, so why can I not make this a permanent
thing? It’s not as if I don’t value my friends, job or lectures, but I feel no
matter what I’m always late!
Maybe it’s because we have our trusty mobile phone to help us, or that fact that according to the Psychologies magazine I am just pre disposed to being absolutely chaotic, I guess I just
need to manage my chaos and try and be on time! Or maybe for us late people we
may not want to ruin our creativity.

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