Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A University Charity Event or A reason to cause chaos?

On Tuesday 10th March, I had the chance to compete on behalf of my university at the Miss University London 2009 pageant, held at Crystal Night Club.

Being selected two weeks prior to the event, with no experience on the catwalk, I have to say, despite not winning, the experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

The press were everywhere, from OK taking snaps to the BBC filming a documentary, which was particularly cool, especially when you’re in a stunning ball gown.

Enough of the “girlyness” aspect lets get down to the “nitty gritty”. Outside the club protesters were rife. One of which attached a lock through the club door handles, which resulted in the fire brigade being called. This only wasted time and public money on an event that was not causing any life threatening emergency.

Many of the slogans included “University is for education not for your ejaculation.” The chants implied that the whole event is a misogynist’s dream as opposed to educated young women doing a fashion show for Cancer Research.

In my opinion as a contestant, it was a bit of fun, and I do regard myself as a feminist. I do not feel subservient to a man. However I feel if it was a Mr University contest I would simply feel it was a competition not a display of sexist behaviour. People have free choice, and weather they choose to compete in a pageant or protest it is up to them.

What I don’t agree with is that the protesters broke out on stage as the winner was being announced to cause complete disruption. What I have to ask is, would this have happened if it were men competing on stage?

Overall the evening was fun filled and a good opportunity to improve on your public speaking. We all had a great time raising money for Cancer research and had a chance to wear beautiful ball gowns in doing so.

Well done Susheel, Miss Kings Winner, you are a beauty, in and out! xx

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  1. Seen your blog link on fbook couple of times, thought i'd read it this time...

    And i agree with you 100%. It's all just a bit of fun, and it's for charity! I think the protesters are being unfair to the contestants, and they're probs a bit jealous anyway. So many fit girls in one place can neva be a bad thing!

    Didn't know u were miss goldsmiths, congrats! And keep up the blog, really good habit!

    Did u know a lot of those protesters are from goldsmiths? I saw Reem all over the papers. U 2 should have a cat fight, lol, tc, see u around uni.