Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Did the TV debate make young people take notice in Politics?

With the joint residency at Downing Street, the two Prime ministers Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg ruling the country what do young people really think about the current position of politics.

Young people are getting more and more involved and aware of politics. During the campaign days what were the concerns of young people within the UK:-

Jordan Germain from Wales, who attends Glan Hafren college, was impressed by the debate.
He said: “I’ve started taking an interest because of the TV debates. The government do a lot, but it’s a tough world out there. I don’t feel like young people are properly represented, I will definitely vote.”

Taken from The Independent,

Young people gave their views on the current policies of the new PMS
Lauren Morton, Surrey with Conservative views said:
“Recently I applied to university and our careers adviser at school said how hard it will be to get a place with all the cut-backs due to the recession. The Conservatives have said they'll create 10,000 more university places if they get in power.”


My thoughts were “I feel these elections are becoming very Americanised, but that seems to be effective in getting people aware of what’s happening. People are taking more notice.
“I think there’s a lack of representation for young people in Parliament and in particular for young women.”

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  1. i think they did make people pay more attention and also made them aware of the faces behind the parties. It made it more readily available and accessible as opposed to having to research it themselves. Im not saying they disclosed their true motives in the debates but hopefully now young people will delve even more into issues of importance :)

  2. Thank you Stacey for your comment, and I totally agree with you, the more young people are included the more empowered we become, and the more we feel we are apart of society as aposed to just existing. I love Lola Likes St Moritz!! X