Friday, 30 January 2009

Nancy Dell'Olio on Loose Women

On Friday 30th January, on ITV’s Loose Women Show Nancy was asked by presenter Andrea McLean “ you could tone it down and wear more demure suits.” Nancy replied in true self confident style “why?” and I couldn’t agree more.
Why is it that despite Nancy being successful and all of the above should she conform to being more “demure” in order to please every one else, is she not demure? She is a success and self made business women in her own right.

Why is it that the press focus on her looks and her intellect, business smarts, charity work come second best?
I think its because she proves that you truly can have it “all” at no matter how old you are. Also that you don’t need a man to define you or to make you happy, as happiness comes from yourself and doing what makes you happy.
Nancy Dell'Olio, in my opinion,is a strong, smart, independent woman who happens to be absolutely beautiful carrying charisma class and a timeless sophistication, but is best know in the press for being the former girl friend of England's former football teams manager, Sven Goran Erikkson. She is always recognised for her "flamboyant" dress sence rather than her smarts.

She is the oldest of four, a former property lawyer, business woman and chairty worker,including "truce international" (see a charity set up by Nancy and her former England Manager Parnter, Sven Goran Eriksson, aimed to promo te peace " To build a national strategy for youth around the day and empower young people to address the problems of anti-social behaviour and the culture of violence through the love of the beautiful game" (Truce Website)
Nancy also has a new night wear range, called "ND Nightwear"

In an interview in The Telegraph in December 2008, Nancy was asked about why she creaqted her new lingerie range, and answered. "I thought there was a gap in the market, for an exclusive, sophisticated yet sexy nightwear with 1940s glamour. I really believe in the range, and in order to be successful you have to be convinced there's a reason to create a brand" She also plans to broaden her range of her brand by saying "I eventually plan to expand to perfume and a men's range. " Here shows that despite many of her successes she clearly is a driven woman and believes in her self endorse more products to her brand.

Yet despite all of this, her first and formost recognition in the press is her being posed as "flamboyant."
She is a true inspiration to us all showing not to care what the press or those on Loose Women have to say, as she's doing what she loves and is not afriad to show it. You go girl! And in her opinion from her auto-biography "the best is yet to come."
To see the interview with Nancy Dell'Ollio visit ITV's Website

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  1. I don't you can be a woman in the public eye without being criticised in the media. It would be tasteless to bring up the extent to which Princess Diana was ridiculed before she met her death. But Nancy represents one of those new women who just can't be brought down by hack flack. Others include Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Katie Price. Let's imagine that successful women have a hidden enemy hoping and praying for them to fail. Nancy represents a new kind of public warrior.